Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Premium quality commercial outdoor furniture that looks stunning and is made to last.

OceanWeave was founded in New Zealand in 2008 with a desire to create premium quality commercial outdoor furniture that not only looks stunning and is a pleasure to use, but is made to last!

Our customers take confidence in the fact that our luxury outdoor furniture is crafted using the finest materials available to withstand intense demands of numerous commercial environments throughout the world. Our commercial outdoor furniture can be found in the searing 40°C+ heat of Dubai in the Middle East, the tough weather conditions and high UV in New Zealand and in the hot and humid holiday destinations throughout the Pacific Islands.

What sets OceanWeave apart is the craftsmanship and quality material used in creating each piece of furniture. We only use the best weaving materials from German company Rehau and our marine grade aluminium frames are engineered for heavy commercial use. Our cushions are made using marine reticulated outdoor foam and the finest quality outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella.

OceanWeave furniture is made to such a high standard that we offer a 3 year full warranty to provide you with piece of mind.

So get in touch with our expert team here at OceanWeave Outdoor Furniture. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Why Oceanweave is ideal for your resort or hotel

You wont find better value than with OceanWeave. Stylish, comfortable, durable and made to order in your choice of weaving and fabric colours...

  1. icon made to last

    Durable and hard-wearing

    Our furniture is woven using German Rehau “RAUCORD” weaving that is made to last. RAUCORD furniture is tested to stay intact after 50,000 cycles of load. This is equivalent to seven years of commercial use (based on 20 people sitting on the same chair per day).

  2. icon climate


    Our German Rehau weaving has been tested to endure both hot and cold climates. It can hold a load of 110kg on a woven chair for six hours at -10°C or up to four hours at 50°C without any lasting changes to the weaving. Now you can use and leave your furniture outside all year round in any weather.

  1. icon quickdryfoam

    Quick Dry Foam

    No one likes sitting on wet furniture… Quick dry marine reticulated foam is porous and the mesh beneath each seat cushions allows water to drain out of the cushions quickly and freely. Chlorine and salt water is not a problem and our foam also contains mould inhibitors which prevent mould growth.

  2. icon strong

    Strong and made to last

    OceanWeave furniture is made using heavy duty 1.6-2mm thick rust free aluminium framing. Compare this with most outdoor furniture brands that use only 0.9-1.2mm! Our furniture frames are also heavily reinforced for extra strength making OceanWeave ideal for tough commercial environments.

  1. 3 Year Warranty

    3 Year warranty

    OceanWeave outdoor furniture is covered by a commercial 3 year warranty on furniture & cushions. The warranty covers faulty workmanship and failure of materials under normal conditions of use and maintenance. Excludes normal wear and tear.

  2. icon deliver

    Custom made to your requirements

    Our entire range is custom made to order based on your requirements. Our knowledgeable team at OceanWeave can help you find the perfect outdoor furniture to suit your requirements. We can also assist you to choose which weaving and fabric colours will best suit your colour scheme and decor.

    Sunbrella Logo

    Sunbrella Fabrics

    Many of our ranges use Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella is the global market leader for outdoor fabric and offers a 5 year warranty against fade, rot and material breakdown. Sunbrella fabrics are colourfast, water resistant, stain resistant and washable.

    Rehau Logo

    Raucord Fibre

    Hand-woven using “RAUCORD” weaving material from German company REHAU. RAUCORD is stress tested in temperatures ranging from -10°C up to 50°C without any lasting changes to the weaving, and is maintenance free, durable, UV resistant and weatherproof.

    Tested for durability

    Tested to withstand harsh commercial environments...

    Our customers take confidence in the fact that our commercial outdoor furniture is tested and proven to withstand the intense demands of different commercial environments throughout the world. Our outdoor furniture can be found in the 40°C+ heat of the Middle East, the tough weather conditions and high UV in New Zealand and through the hot and humid holiday destinations through the Pacific Islands.

    Rehau Logo Raucord Logo
    Tested Product Chart

    Custom Colour Combinations

    Mix match weaving colours and outdoor fabrics to get the perfect colour scheme. See for yourself...

    Weave Colours
    Bronze Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Bronze Rehau
    Whitewash Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Whitewash Rehau
    Slate Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Slate Rehau
    Platinum Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Platinum Rehau
    Natural Honey Wicker Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Natural Rehau
    Mauve Grey Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Mauve Grey Rehau
    Honey Wicker Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Honey Wicker Rehau
    Black Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Black Rehau
    Stone Outdoor Furniture Weaving
    Stone Rehau
    Fabric Colours
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5489 Coal
    Coal 5489
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5461 Taupe
    Taupe 5461
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5422 Antique Beige
    Antique Beige 5422
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 7761 Taupe-Antique Beige
    Taupe-Antique Beige 7761
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5404 Natural
    Natural 5404
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5453 Canvas
    Canvas 5453
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5438 Buttercup
    Buttercup 5438
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5457 Sunflower Yellow
    Sunflower Yellow 5457
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5477 Logo Red
    Logo Red 5477
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5429 Macaw
    Macaw 5429
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5416 Aruba
    Aruba 5416
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5410 Air Blue
    Air Blue 5410
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5426 Capri
    Capri 5426
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5401 Pacific Blue
    Pacific Blue 5401
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5439 Navy
    Navy 5439
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5432 Bay Brown
    Bay Brown 5432
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5408 Black
    Black 5408
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 8521 Berenson Tuxedo
    Berenson Tuxedo 8521
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5626 Maxim Cocoa
    Maxim Cocoa 5626
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5674 Maxim Heather Beige
    Maxim Heather Beige 5674
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 58029 Cabana Regatta
    Cabana Regatta 58029
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 56001 Dolce Oasis
    Dolce Oasis 56001
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 5608 Seville Seaside
    Seville Seaside 5608
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 45706 El Greco Calypso
    El Greco Calypso 45706
    Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric 45991-0002 Fretwork Pewter
    Fretwork Pewter 45991-0002

    Outdoor furniture you can rest assured on

    Premium commercial outdoor furniture that is delightfully comfortable, and made to last...

    OceanWeave Furniture was started in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand. We had a desire to develop and create stunning outdoor furniture that would enhance any outdoor space and that would be made to last, even in tough weather conditions found in NZ and the South Pacific.

    Our customers take confidence in the fact that our luxury outdoor furniture is crafted using only the finest quality materials available.

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    Vic & I absolutely love our new outdoor furniture set from OceanWeave. The service from Michael and the team was fantastic and very happy with the unique look and premium quality. Highly recommended.

    ed testimonial oceanweave x
    We purchased the Paris Modular lounge furniture from OceanWeave and couldn't be more impressed with the product or the service received.

    I spent a lot of time looking for high quality outdoor furniture and finally I've found it. I absolutely love my OceanWeave furniture.

    Choosing OceanWeave furniture means buying the highest quality & comfort. There are many outdoor furniture suppliers in the market but if you are after something special that is long-lasting & well-built - then consider OceanWeave...

    We had a great experience with Michelle and the team at OceanWeave. We just love our furniture and have confidence that it will last the distance at the beach.

    This is the most amazing outdoor furniture I have had! After a full winter outside it still looks to be in perfect condition. I'm happy to give a testimonial as to the amazing quality of the furniture.